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The latest version: https://eromouga.itch.io/call-of-wind-v20


    Call of Wind is a puzzle-platformer. Our player is a traveler who has drifted to a unknown place. He found out a vestige of civilization and explore in it. After he walked out of the vestige and go through a forest, he saw the rise of new civilization. In this whole trip, he witnessed the decline and rebirth of civilization.

    The player needs to blow wind, this simple ability, to solve puzzles in different places, or interact with them.

    This game was made in an 8 days gamejam. The topic is “万里同风”. Our understanding of this word is that when people unearth things from borderland, they found out the same element with their own culture. Therefore, we further associate with an interview with Hawking. The journalist asked him, what are the things you find most beautiful in science. Hawking said that Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations. It reminds us to make a art game which could bring people emotional experience. We hope that players could have connections and live with this world instead of being alone.


    本次游戏的开发主题是“万里同风”,对于这个词语的有一种解释是:人们在边疆挖掘出的遗迹中,含有与中原古迹相同的元素。由此我们联想到:霍金有次被记者采访问到:“你觉得人世间最让你感动的是什么?”时,霍金的回答是“遥远的相似性” 。所以我们想到做一个注重情感体验的游戏,让玩家体验到个体生命并不是孤立地存活在这个世界上,而是与世界有着整体有机的联系。

Level Design:    曾书扬 Shuyang Zeng    吴佳渠 Jiaqu Wu

Program:    毛常松 Changsong Mao    吴佳渠 Jiaqu Wu

Art:    朱果 Guo Zhu    黄怡然 Yiran Huang

Music:    毛常松 Changshong Mao


风之唤v.1 65 MB

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