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《chopping Drogan》是一款考验玩家操作敏捷与平衡感.


·   玩家通过重力控制帮助小王子利用地形与空间达成获胜条件,从而击败恶龙顺利通关。

·   游戏参考了小时候的尺子滚球,充满了童趣。

·   部分关卡需发挥玩家想象力,能很好的锻炼玩家的耐心 

Team Members:

Programmer: Song jia (CUZ)

Art Designer: Xia zhengqi (Jiangnan University)

Art Designer: Zhou wei (Jiangnan University)


test.zip 28 MB


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This is great. Really good level design, the game is playable while some traps makes me die for countless times.
Cute art style, even the dragon is cute.

One thing I have to mention is that the boss attack should be predictable. Use some animation or sound effect to warn the player should be better. I die few times after I got the sword chasing the dragon and suddenly being killed after I closer to the dragon.

Cool graphics. Great animation. A English version would be great though. I love the art used in this game.