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Fell is a 2D platform jumping game trying to express emotional changes in characters. Everyone in their lives will experience more or less frustrations and difficulties, falling into the bottom of life. But people will eventually climb from the bottom and face life again.

The game expresses the emotional changes of the character by adjusting the difficulty of the level, the changes of the props and the hue. As the game progresses, the player can move up faster and faster and finally reach the top.

Control Instructions
A/Left Arrow   -- Move left
D/Right Arrow    -- Move right
W/Up Arrow/Space   -- Power storage
The longer the power storage time, the higher the jump height, but the maximum height exists
The character can't move left and right at the first level, and only the second level can get the ability to move left and right.

Character never dies.
At the forth level there is a black ghost trying to catch the character. If caught,  player will be forced to restart at the begining of the forth level.

Team Members
Dou Jinzhe  Programmer
Fang Xiaoyu Art Designer
Meng Xiangyu Programmer
Zheng Yulin Art Designer


NGC_FellFellFell.zip 146 MB

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