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Game Overview:

The Garbage Defence is a game with special picture style. The originality of this game is from the new Garbage Sorting Policy in Shanghai. Many people complain that the new Garbage Sorting Policy of Shanghai is too difficult for them to remember, and this policy really bother them a lot. Therefore, the embarrassing situation of Shanghai citizens enlighten us to develop this game. 
Our expectation is that player can gradually learn the new Garbage Sorting Policy during the relaxing game time, and after playing this game, player will surprisingly find that the new Garbage Sorting Policy is no longer difficult for them.
This game now is in early testing status, so it may have some unfriendly operations for new player, but we hope after playing a while, player can get over them.

Control Introduction:

Player can click the Arrow Button to adjust the direction of Arrow Button, and the Garbage Monster will move in that direction. The objective of this game is to guide the Garbage Monster to the corresponding Trash Can.
1. If Garbage Monster crash into each other, the player will lose 1 heart (total 3 hearts);
2. Only corresponding Trash Can will clear the corresponding Trash Monster.
3. The thorny plants will hurt player 1 heart.

Team Members:
Programmer: Xu Qikun (BUPT);
Programmer: Wang Ziwei (BJTU);
Art Designer: Xu Mingyang (HRBNU);
Art Designer: Wang Tianyuan(HRBNU);

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Educational
Tags2D, ngc


Garbage Defence.zip 61 MB


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hi. just wanted to let the developers know "Garbage Defence" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it received mentions for Best Puzzle Game (9:37), Best Art (2:01:08), and Best Character Design (3:08:00)