A downloadable NGC camp for Windows

The princess is in the doll machine. “Get under cover!That was very dangerous for the princess.

Team Members:

Programmer: Fei Bin (CUZ)

Art Designer: Zhan shenyuan (CUZ)

Art Designer: Yuan meng (CUZ)

Sound Designer: Zhao kai fei (CUZ)


GrabThePriness03.zip 32 MB


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I like the paper-cut style, it is good for game jam and fit the game. All action is in a doll machine should be a mechanize feeling normally but the paper-cut style makes the game looks different and give me different feeling.

The spinning pliers is scary. After few death the player can learn it's hebavior and try to avoid being hit.

There are lots of easter eggs on the decorations.
I win! Yeah!