A downloadable game for Windows

This is A Top-Down Shooter Game(Barrage Game) covering a short lovely story about a robot and its owner.

The Project is a Game Jam Game, holding the theme - Boss Fight.

The Core mechanic of the game is to Put MIRROR or Generate SHIELD to reflect the direction of the bullet that is coming out from the Boss.

Please forgive the game's bugs, which might get you stuck in the wall or sth.

The Laguange of the game is Simplified Chinese. And There is no Pausing in Game scene.

The Basic Control of the Game: Left Click To Put Mirror. Right Click To Generate Shield. Space to dodge. WSAD to move.

We will update the game, including switching the art resources and game mechanic learning level.

Team Members:

Programmer: Yan yifei (Jiangnan University)

Programmer: Feng xiangrui (Jiangnan University)

Programmer: Hu ekai  (CUZ)

Art Designer: Guo yipin (CUZ)

Art Designer: Jian xiaohui (CUZ)


build2.zip 176 MB
Reflection0.0.2.7z 166 MB

Install instructions

The 7z File is a compressed virsion of the a build of the game.

Open the buildv2 folder and double click on the .exe File and you can Enjoy the game.

Be aware that when the vedio finishes it won't switch the scene automatically, you need to press space bar to switch to the game scene. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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I really love the hand drawing cutscene, a touched sad story. And the vaporwave music style is good.

The main character has a really good detail in differ direction facing. Reflect the bullet to the the shooter himself is not a new idea but refer to the story of this game is suitable.
(Spoiler: you have to kill the zombie to save the girl but the girl has became a zombie)

Somehow the "avoid jump" did not work very well, it can't get neither a instant movement profit nor enough invincibility frame for bullet proof.

Thank you! I think we will reconsider this part of gameplay and get a better result!

My lovely hair gone just to make this game in 3 days. Q A Q