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Game Overview:

Retrieve is a pixel style platformer game. The main theme of this game is to retrieve all the colors token by the monsters and make the black and white world back to a colorful one. Like other RPGs, players in Retrieve can also enjoy the process of saving the world gradually after defeating each Boss. 

In Version 0.2, we added the "Color Skills" system, which allows player to suck the color from the world, and mix them into a unique skill. Choosing the right color and use the skills become the most important part of the fighting.
Currently, we have made three different big levels for this game. There are still tons of items and monsters we will add to it, and the game must have more fun with them. I hope you enjoy playing  Retrieve.

Controller Controls (Recommended): Left Stick = control the movement and climb on the ladder A = Jump RT/RB = Attack Left Stick+X = Dash

Suck Color: LB

Use Skill: LT

Pause/Upgrade Skills: Menu Button

 F11 = Refresh the character

 F12 = Invincible Mode

Keyboard Controls:
A/D or ←/→ = control the movement
W/S or ↑/↓ = Climb on the ladder
Space = Jump
Left Click = Attack
Movement + Right Click = Dash

Esc: Pause Menu/Upgrade Skills

Suck Color: E

Use Skill:Q

F11 = Refresh the character

F12 = Invincible Mode

Team Members:
Game Designer: Pan Yiheng

Level Designer: Zhao Lei

Programmers: Pan Yiheng, Zhao Lei

Artists: Wu Xiaohui, Chuxian Wang,Xiaotu Yang

Special Thanks for the Music Designer: Jiaxuan Tao(Aiwumis)


Retrieve-Ver0.32.rar 49 MB

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