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《Sadomasochism in Castle》(译为《情《古堡虐恋》,以下简称《SC》)是一款弹幕射击与Boss战相结合的游戏,相比同类游戏《挺进地牢》,《SC》让玩家具有与Boss不一样的攻击方式(玩家攻击方式参考《泰坦之魂》),核心玩法是躲避弹幕,利用可回收的斧子攻击Boss以及拆招。

Team Members:

Programmer: Zhang youwen (CUZ)

Art Designer: Li jiaqi (CUZ)

Art Designer: Liu yi (CUZ)

Art Designer: Sun haoning (Jiangnan University)


《古堡虐恋》抖M版.zip 24 MB


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Really took me some time to figure out how to fight those bats.
The Axe visual effect is good.
Only one scene but still has great atmosphere because of the game art and lighting.
Both the boss and the main character have a health bar and have a effect when getting hit.

The game have good BGM but lack of sound effects makes the game seems less juicy.

It will be better if you can add a slow mode for moving, like change the velocity while pressing shift.

The gameplay looks interesting. The graphics looks great. The sound tracks used in this game is amazing.