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Game Introduction:

In a distant land, people believe a legend that the chosen believers will set foot in the kingdom of god and enjoy eternal happiness in paradise. But perhaps only those who have actually visited the kingdom of god know a thing or two about how much truth is actually hidden in such legends. However, those who have been to the kingdom of god never return.

Now that you are the chosen one, you are about to embark on a journey, and there is destined no way back.

What is waiting for you?

 Game Control:

         Move: Left Axis / WASD

         Rotate View: Right Axis / Mouse Move

         Jump: Button A / Space Key

         Active: Button X / Mouse Left Button

 Team Members

         Program:Li Zhanpeng(BUCT)

         Program:Zhang Xiaohui(BUCT)

         Tech Artist: Zhang Daozheng(BIGC)

         3D Artist: Huang JiaYing(BIGC)

         2D Artist: Yu Yongfeng(BIGC)


寻.zip 801 MB

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