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Game Overview:

         WanLiTongFeng is a kind of text game whose design was inspired by the card game Reigns  which depends on the player’s choice to keep certain values within certain range in order to keep alive during the play. Its main goal is quite clear that the player who is able to sustain the value of the People, Military, Policy and Economy in certain amount for a certain time can win while those who lose any one of them may fail. The player must choose carefully in order to balance the four elements’ value. As we also hope to make the game interesting and full of cultural significance and value, we integrated the game with the traditional Chinese culture and provided 50 independent events with 10 more contextual stories base on the background of ancient Chinese world view with unrealistic backdrop.

 Control Introduction:

The operation is quite simple and clear that the player can click either side of the curtain to choose when an event is shown on the screen and click any place to continue to the next event. The player can go back to the main menu if the game is over. The player’s choice may directly influence any of the value of the four elements including the People, the Policy, the Military and the Economy, the player can win the game after 30 rounds of playing, meaning that the game ends with WanLiTongFeng.

 Team Members:

Programmer:Fu Yingdi(YSU)

Programmer:Liu Qianqi(BJUT)


Art Designer:Ma TianCheng(BUCT)

Art Designer:Zhou YueXin(BUCT)


L组万里同风v1.0.zip 61 MB

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