A downloadable game for Windows


Team Members:

Programmer:He jianing (Dalian Neusoft University of Information)

Programmer: Yang wenbin (Zhejiang Gongshang University)

Art Designer:Zhu bolin (CUZ)

Art Designer: Zhang shirui (CUZ)


BooomBuilt.zip 37 MB


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Interesting game, funny music and animation. The police officer lie down if the player is dead, and the boss kneel down when he get hit, these details really make me laugh.
If the player could throw the bomb would be better. Pick up, put down, move to another corner, these step takes at 3 turn at least, so it kind of limitation for player to get closer to the bomb and use them.

The boss AI seems broken if he get closer to the edge and the whole game will stuck. Hope you guys can fix it quickly. Till now it is a little bit depressed if the boss only left 1 hit point and the game break down.

By the way, I love the game trailer.

Thank you for your support for our game. I will try to fix BUG and design more interesting rules. Your suggestion is very important to us.